We follow the two principles of Quality Assurance (QA) "Fit for purpose", the product should be suitable for the intended purpose; and "Right first time", mistakes should be eliminated. We heavily depend on the quality management as Poor Quality is not in the dictionary of Sardhara Industrial Corporation (SIC).

  • Our partner are technically qualified and adequate technical staff to look after our product quality.
  • In house we have fully equipped foundry and yearly capacity is 3500 MT.
  • We have our own machine shop for most critical components machining.
  • We have design the drawings, standard and specification to achieve the best quality.
  • We have trained staff in our Inspection, Assembling, Testing & Painting Department.
  • We have most precision instruments for checking all components.
  • Our Assembly. Dept. is also fully equipped with proper tools.
  • We test each & every Engine, for Fuel Consumption, Power, Delivery and Governing Test.
  • Our Painting Dept. also have paint Booth Slv. Spray Gun.